Series OCS

manual version - max. pressure 1000 bar
Type of connection
Tubi flessibili
Equipment connection to be tested
FA column of the dimensions table
Pipe connection
FP column of the dimensions table
Push-pull, manual
Acciaio INOX
Operating pressure
0-1000 BAR

 Tubi flessibili OCS

Our new OCS series connectors are the perfect solution for hose assemblers, who need to test different kinds of flexibile hoses.
In fact, with just a minor and very quick configuration change, they allow to use the same connector to test hoses which have different
kinds of ends
Some of the hose ends you can test with OCS series connectors: 
- SAE flanges
- banjo fittings
- fittings with rotating female nuts
- fittings with rotating male nuts.


Serie OCS sc

Dimensions table

(approximate sizes in mm)

OCS14-XX14 1/4'' 110 40 5 24 1/4'' G
OCS38-XX38 3/8'' 115 47 6,5 27 3/8'' G
OCS12-XX-12 1/2'' 120 55 10 32 1/2'' G
OCS34-XX-34 3/4'' 140 62 16 36 3/4'' G
OCS1-XX-1 1'' 160 70 20 41 1'' G

 (*) We also make metrics, NPT, BSPP, BSPT,SAE, UNF threads.

Connection/disconnection phases can be carried out only when the working pressure is zero.