POLO quick connectors represent an innovative solution for the industrial testing of circuits and components working at low and high pressure with fluid or gas.

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(Non-exhausitve list)


  • pneumatic cylinders
  • valves
  • flexible tubes for low pressure
  • producers of standard couplings
  • producers of manometers, pressure gauges
  • producers of compressors


  • hydraulic cylinder
  • valves
  • flexible tubes for high pressure
  • producers of standard couplings
  • producers of manometers, pressure gauges
  • producers of pumps

Test Benches, Checking Stations

  • producers of test benches for hydraulic tests
  • producers of test benches for  function tests
  • laboratories for function tests, certifications and validation

Plumbing and Sanitary Sector

Producers of:

  • boilers
  • hot water heaters
  • radiators
  • safety valves for radiators and boilers
  • towel warmers
  • dehumidifiers
  • gas stoves
  • air conditioning systems
  • solar thermal collectors
  • cocks
  • gas bottles for domestic use
  • gas cookers for camping
  • household electrical appliances (washing machines/ dishwashers / fridges)
  • coffee machine – steam irons

Heating / Cooling

  • Gas valves for boilers
  • hydraulic circuits for boilers
  • heat exchangers
  • solar thermal collectors
  • expansion tanks
  • copper and/or aluminium welded pipes
  • pumps for low pressure
  • water filters


  • cars, motorcycles and trucks
  • dampers, shock absorbers
  • dampers, shock absorbers
  • brake circuits
  • tanks
  • Intercooler-circuits
  • ABS circuits
  • steering system
  • methane propulsion systems

Landmaschinen / EarthWorks

  • Tractors / bulldozers
  • control valves
  • hydraulic clutches
  • brake circuit
  • tanks
  • intercooler-circuits
  • ABS circuits
  • steering system
  • agricultural machines (ploughs, mowing machines, sowing machines, etc.)

“Do it yourself” / Industires

  • pressure washers and clean up  devices
  • gardens
  • compressors with low pressure for DIY
  • tools with hydraulic drive
  • tools with oil
  • dynamic drive
  • desalination plants and devices

Sport and Free Time

  • Diving equipments
  • equipments for  motor homes & caravans
  • equipments for nautics
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